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Today's Episode:

Surgery Is For Real!

When Jonathan's brother was recently diagnosed with having no
cartilage in the knee (bone-on-bone), it was recommended he get knee replacement surgery. The proposition set Jonathan off. This episode explores the efficacy and necessity of certain surgeries while also considering what kind of shape we need to be in to go under the knife. 

In this Podcast...

We discuss:

•  Jonathan's knee surgeries and how they coud been avoided

•  Orthopedic surgeries, such as knee and hip, and whether or not to have them

•  Failures and complications of certain orthopedic surgeries

•  Complications that can arise form general anaesthesia

•  How to prepare your body, or prehab, for surgery

• Maintaining physical strength in order to withstand and rehabilitate from surgery

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"It was three surgeries over the course of one year and seven months..."

The hip replacement is an incredibly good and successful surgery..."

"If my brother was to have a knee replacement surgery, he would not recover..."

"Google anesthesia and geriatrics and you will find article upon article about people post-65 not recovering from anaesthesia..."

"I think the lesson you learn from that is 'don't listen to your yoga teacher'..."

"If you've never done any exercise and you have knee surgery, you should go to an hour of Pilates every single day for three months..."

"While I'm not saying 'don't have surgery', I'm saying 'be as aware as you possibly can about the surgery you choose to have..."

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