Welcome to the CoreWalking Podcast, with your hosts Jonathan FitzGordon and Alex Mabilon. Join them as they journey into the body and mind gaining insights for healing, moving and aging gracefully.

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Jonathan has been practicing yoga since 1995 and has been teaching since 2000, having studied with some of the yoga community’s leading teachers. He owned and operated the Yoga Center of Brooklyn from 2001-2009 and created the CoreWalking Program in 2005 because walking is something we all do and walking correctly is an amazing way to bring positive change to our aging bodies.

Alex Mabilon has been a lifelong sports enthusiast and found yoga while seeking to balance out the toll impact sports had taken on his body. After practicing yoga regularly for many years, he discovered Corewalking and became interested in bringing yoga to his everyday by relearning to walk. Alex is a personal trainer and yoga teacher and training to specialize in yoga therapeutics.

What listeners are saying about A Step In The Right Direction...

Speaking as someone who has really increased their walking regime recently, which seems silly to say when you have lived in NYC for many years, I was really surprised at how revealing this podcast has been! It has already made a difference in my thinking while walking, and the way Jonathan and Alex approach the complexity of the mechanics, while keeping it engaging for those of us who are oblivious to our body structure, really makes me feel more empowered to make improvements.

Micha_brooklyn //

I’m a yoga instructor and currently training to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, and this podcast is quickly becoming my go-to. You guys offer really great insight and information in a way that is easily understandable. In the few weeks I’ve been listening you’ve helped me to further connect concepts like anatomy, body mechanics, our nervous system and more. It’s truly been valuable to my personal and professional practices. Thank you, and keep ‘em coming!

Beengesser // 

Jonathan is amazing. I swear he’s a genius. Every other sentence I’m like “Ohhh that’s why......” He really helps you to understand how the body works. The how and why of your body’s alignment can unlock so many of the questions you may have about your pain or why your body seems to behave the way it does. You might think this all sounds wacky, but when you apply it, it all makes perfect sense. I love this guy. Highly recommended.

Big-E32 // 

My favorite podcast - I always look forward to the next one, find the delivery a bit humorous and enjoy learning about our amazing bodies ❤️

R & R Wisdom //

Jonathan's cutting edge and practical advice for recognizing and re-patterning dysfunctional walking and movement patterns is invaluable for everyone wanting to live a more pain-free life!

Be A Body Detective// 

As a Yoga teacher and Anatomy Geek, I am so grateful for this Podcast. I am a follower and consumer of CoreWalking.com books, materials, and seminars/workshops. I'm always learning something new that I can bring to my students.

YogaJewelsBayou // 

In 2014 I injured my lower back trail running and pinched my perineal nerve, resulting in foot drop. I discovered corewalking and continue to learn how to change my walk and change my life.

Arizonadiana //

I can’t say enough good things about the information provided in these podcasts! Every single episode from The Core Walking podcast is packed with useful information about the anatomy of the body and how everything works together. I am using this information to improve my own yoga practice, improve my yoga teaching to my students, and alleviate pain brought on by walking patterns that don’t suit me well. Thank you for passing along this valuable knowledge! The podcast on the feet is a personal favorite!

St Louis Walker // 

Excellent information. Discussion by Jonathan about taking charge of your own health and learning about your body is spot on. Strange how we know nothing of anatomy or how our body works. I started with his Core Walking program around 2015. Curiosity and desire to alleviate chronic pain and avoid surgery for “sciatica”. I listened and read and researched online. It all gave me direction and confidence. It does take time though; can’t be in a hurry and take a pill. My goal to be pain free. I am 72 now. I found a rolfer who I consider a “body doctor”. Saved me by releasing that gluteus Maximus all knotted up and then my soas. My SI joint also released. So Jonathan’s recent podcast helped me to again gain knowledge that I followed the right road. Also needed updating on good exercises. Thanks, Jonathan. Someday I’ll meet you.

Quilter12 //