Welcome to the CoreWalking Podcast, with your hosts Jonathan FitzGordon and Alex Mabilon. Join them as they journey into the body and mind gaining insights for healing, moving and aging gracefully.

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Jonathan has been practicing yoga since 1995 and has been teaching since 2000, having studied with some of the yoga community’s leading teachers. He owned and operated the Yoga Center of Brooklyn from 2001-2009 and created the CoreWalking Program in 2005 because walking is something we all do and walking correctly is an amazing way to bring positive change to our aging bodies.

Alex Mabilon has been a lifelong sports enthusiast and found yoga while seeking to balance out the toll impact sports had taken on his body. After practicing yoga regularly for many years, he discovered Corewalking and became interested in bringing yoga to his everyday by relearning to walk. Alex is a personal trainer and yoga teacher and training to specialize in yoga therapeutics.