Stop Tucking Your Pelvis

Getting people to stop tucking their pelvis under seems to be my life’s work. I don’t know how it happened but here I am. For one, I don’t think most people realize that they tuck their pelvis under every minute of their lives. For another, oh so many people are told to do so. Look at the picture above to see a very tucked under pelvis. Do you do that?

In the above image the right pelvis is tucked under and as a result the bones of the leg are pushed forward and no longer lined up directly under the spine. The image on the left is my idea of a properly aligned pelvis that allows for successful weight transfer from the spine to the legs. When the pelvis is tucked under the curve of the lumbar spine, essential to upright standing, is diminished. This is one of the main reasons that people have been told to tuck under- to relieve undue stress on the lower back.

Try to check in a number of times during the day to feel if you go through life tucking your pelvis under. You might not even realize that you are doing it as much as you are.

We should always think up physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
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  1. yes I do agree with what you say however we need to understand that tucking the pelvis can be necessary. If we consider an example of a weighted plank exercise to counteract the pelvis from sagging downwards a pelvic tuck is necessary is realign the pelvis back into neutral position. As with anything some have taken this to extreme and think this should apply when standing…GOOD ARTICLE!!

  2. ‘Getting people to TUCK their pelvis under seems to be my life’s work’.
    well finding neutral spine the pilates way! I also get them to bend their knees as most martial artists would do! and to become more grounded for starters! I find most people have an over arched back and to much space between front hips and ribs. with 20 years shiatsu experience I feel I can find a pivot point or vertebrae that don’t feel right and then work from there!! would love to meet! I have purchased your programme here in the uk and will run it on my wife.

    • I like what you say but don’t love the bending of the knees so much unless it is to show how to release the pelvis to neutral. Bent knees can mess with someone as much as a tucked pelvis. Keep in touch and let me know how working with the program goes. Don’t forget to send in a video of your wife walking.

  3. I’ve just re read the above and it does not read that good. I’m not good with words and don’t really have a structure or system. im sure your core walking program will fill in some gaps for me and give me a greater understanding to how things work and why. I watched the first dvd once and im very excited!

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