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Traditional methods of pain relief don’t work for everyone. And sometimes the answer is simpler than you think. 

If you’ve been to doctors and physical therapists; tried cortisone shots, or even surgery, and nothing has kept the pain away for good, there is still hope.

Making basic changes to the way you walk and stand might be all you need to lock in long term healing.

Deep in the bowl of the pelvis lies the most important muscle that you’ve never heard of… the psoas.

When it comes to this amazing muscle there are pain problems that stretching and strengthening won’t, and can’t, address. 

Psoas issues, in particular, require a less is more approach to pain relief, calming down an overtaxed nervous system in search of ease both physical and emotional.

CoreWalking gets personal with Video Walking Analysis.

You won’t believe what you see when you see the way you walk. 

When you send us a video of your walk, we return it with voice over and annotation like instant replay on your TV, you will get mind-blowing insights into the way you move and what changes you need to make.

If you have been in pain for a long time and no one has offered a working solution, Jonathan’s expertise might be what you need. 

Jonathan's specialty is helping you solve pain issues that doctors, physical therapists can't figure out.

Learning how to move one-on-one is the most effective way to change your body and heal your pain. 

People don't make a connection between walking and lower back pain; and don't think that the way they walk could be part of the reason why they are in pain.

People don't think that the way that they walk can prevent healing.

But when we are in pain, acute or chronic, every movement counts.  

And we walk a lot. Even the most sedentary person is taking 3000 steps a day.

If those steps were well executed it would be a lot easier to heal.

We learn in different ways; seeing, feeling, hearing...reading.

If reading is the way you learn best Jonathan has written extensively on anatomy, exercise & pain relief. 

The process of getting and staying out of pain is most effective when married with education. When you understand how the body is meant to work and move it makes it that much easier to make the changes necessary for successful healing.

The BodyMind is a place for moving, thinking and seeing differently, experiencing radical change in your body & practice seeing the world through a new lens.

The BodyMind is a mentoring community for people looking to age well and heal successfully in a technological world that conspires against us: Screens, chairs, beds, shoes and more make living and aging in a healthful way harder.

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