The five DVDs address Walking, Exercise and Anatomy. Each walking lesson contains progressive cues to help you with changing your standing and walking posture, as well as exercise to facilitate your new movement. Anatomy lectures will reinforce the changes you are making.

Disk 1: Get Over Yourself

Learn the essential cues that will change your walk forever

Disk 2: It’s All About the Psoas

The psoas is the muscle of walking, standing and trauma. Lesson Two teaches you how to use it correctly.

Disk 3: The Foot Falls

The placement of the feet determine what happens in the rest of the body. See how they were meant to move.

Disk 4: Find Your Voice

The well aligned head and  throat allow the voice to resonate clearly. Use your voice to change your walk.

Disk 5: Reach for the Sky

A solid elongated trunk creates freedom in the joints as the legs root down and the spine lengthens up.

Workbook: Ten Weeks to a New You!

All muscles have a specific function and work with other muscles to accomplish any action. The CoreWalking Workbook helps you figure out which muscles are in need of strengthening or releasing.

2 Anatomy Books

Two easy-to-read books will teach you about the core muscles that are responsible for most lower back, hip, knee, and groin pain. Awareness of how your body works will empower you to change bad habits and find releif from chronic pain.

The Spine: An Introduction!

The solidity and tone of the spine determines our health and well-being across body, mind and spirit. In an easy accessible way this slim book looks at anatomy, some common spinal/postural issues and how to help them. More specifically we’ll talk about the spinal curves and vertebrae, what happened when we went from four legs to two legs, the relationship between the spine and the pelvis as well as the spine and the extremities, and much more. With this information and accompanying exercises we aim to help you improve the quality of your spine and thus your life!

Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome by Jonathan FitzGordon

Sciatica (a pain in the back) and piriformis syndrome (a pain in the butt) are two of the most common causes of chronic pain. This volume will teach you about these conditions and help you learn to help yourself to alleviate pain and heal permanently.

Custom Walking Analysis

We will help you change your walk over the course of the program. Send us a video before you begin and two times thereafter to help us monitor your progress. Changing your walk will be easy with our help.

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