Sunday Morning Music: Alan Price

This week’s edition of edition of Sunday Morning Music comes from one of my favorite movies O Lucky Man! I first saw this movie in when I was sixteen and it kind of blew my head off.  The clip above isn’t a video but the opening credits of the movie. Alan Price and the band are also characters in the movie. A cool thing about the credits is you get to see what an incredible cast the movie has. They all play multiple roles and have a grand old time.

The guy sitting backwards in the chair at :42 is the director Lindsay Anderson. He didn’t make many movies but those that he did are all provocative and interesting. O Lucky Man was his first film that I saw, even though it was the second of a trilogy, and it remains dear to my twisted heart.

I still love the soundtrack even though I’ve been listening to it for twenty years or more. It is amazing how some records hold up forever and others, even though I loved them at the time of release, I wouldn’t care if I never heard them again. Standing the test of time is not easy with anything.

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