Sunday Morning Music: Alceu Valenca

A few months ago I searched YouTube for something by Caetano Veloso that I wanted to put up on the blog. Ever since, every time I go to YouTube it offers me a different Brazilian artist to check out. And very often it is a full album.

The latest and maybe my favorite of the YouTube series is the record above. Espelho Cristalino by Alceu Valenca, from 1977. Brazilian music is fairly new to me but I have been entranced.

I listen to music on my computer while I am working and of late it has been all Brazilian, which has simply been rocking my world. I know very little about Brazil but most of the music I have been listening to is by artists who hail from the northeastern part of the country.

I couldn’t imagine a life without music and I am forever grateful that YouTube has been turning me onto to some great tunes lately.

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