Sunday Morning Music: Bob Seger

The Bob Seger System was the second band from Detroit’s Bob Seger and I recently put their first album on my phone. It is good straight ahead rock n roll and slightly before my time. I am turning fifty next week and lost in reverie.  Everywhere I turn and everything I listen to is reminding me of people and places and events in a very sweet way. When I was a wayward youth I left high school and home to travel the country selling bootleg t-shirts at rock concerts- it was much better than going to school.

Live Bullet, a double album from the later Silver Bullet Band, was easily the most listened to cassette for late night driving—and there was a lot of late night driving. I can still sing the words to Turn the Page and while he lost me a bit with his later hits Night Moves and Live Bullet is deeply embedded into the fabric of my life.

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