Sunday Morning Music: Bruce Springsteen and Pulp

Two videos this week- one from Bruce Springsteen and another from the British band Pulp.

I’m very excited about going to see Bruce Springsteen tomorrow night in Albany, NY. I first saw Springsteen live at the No Nukes concerts @ Madison Square Garden in 1979 at a time when things could still affect my not yet jaded heart.

Thirty three years later and I am still thrilled to see this sixty year old guy make a ruckus up on stage. The thing of it is I went to see another band that I love this week. A band from the 90’s called Pulp, led by Jarvis Cocker, who made two of the all time great records (His ‘n’ Hers, Different Class).  Back then I loved Pulp live and eagerly looked forward to seeing them again.

And they were fine. But it wasn’t like Bruce. There is nothing like Bruce.

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