Sunday Morning Music: Buffalo Springfield

I am reading Shakey, a biography of Neil Young written by Jimmy McDonough. If you are not a rabid Neil Young fan you might not be interested but if you are…

In the context of “Rock n Roll saved my young rebel soul” Neil Young was an anchor in the maelstrom of my teenage years. His elliptical meaningful/meaningless lyrics mesmerized and soothed me for reasons unknown. And boy Crazy Horse could make some noise.

I am super psyched about seeing Neil Young and Crazy Horse a couple of times next week in Brooklyn and Connecticut because here I am hip deep in middle age and rock n roll is still saving my soul.

This video is from a TV appearance by Buffalo Springfield, Young’s first band with Stephen Stills and Richie Furay. It combines two of the bands songs, Stills’ For What It’s Worth, and Young’s’ Mr. Soul.

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