Sunday Morning Music: The Buzzcocks

I was planning on putting up Kate Bush this morning as she is currently playing a string of shows in England for the first time in decades.

But instead I am going with The Buzzcocks becasue I ran into my seveneteen year old nephew in the city last night and he was on his way to see Titus Andronicus open for The Buzzcocks at Webster Hall.

I am pretty sure I was at the Palladium show in the video below. I think I saw them both there and at the Ritz a year later. It is getting sad how the memories are starting to get jumbled. They were amongst my favorite bands of the time writing songs that went straight into my heart.

Theirs is also one of the only reunion shows that I have ever enjoyed. It isn’t easy for bands to recapture old magic.

I actually like Titus Andronicus well enough as well and was super psyched for my nephew.

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