Sunday Morning Music: Dexys

I’m in love with a new record. I fall in love a lot so maybe it isn’t that meaningful but I think this record is special.

Talk about crazy genius. Kevin Rowland embodies the difficult artist- suffering from a superiority complex, an inferiority complex, drug addiction and genius all rolled up into one.

I last saw Roland live at the Reading Festival in 1999 where he came out wearing a dress and was dressed down by the audience in a painful way getting taunts and objects hurled in his direction. It was a difficult performance, and the solo album that accompanied it tanked.

But now Dexys (formerly Dexys Midnight Runners) are back with their first studio album in seventeen years and it is a masterpiece. I can’t stop listening to it.

Morning Stretch: Garudasana or Eagle Arms
Tibial dynamic.