Sunday Morning Music: Mathew E. White

matthew-e-whiteMathew E. White is coming to town next week to BRIC in downtown Brooklyn. His new album on the Spacebomb Records just came out and it sounds great, though I have only listened a little bit. This video is from the exceedingly groovy first album Big Inner.

I have also been enjoying another excellent record on the same label by Natalie Prass.

Here is a paragraph from the Spacebomb website:

We are a record label shaped around traditional models and time-honored ways. We are a house band, a unified crew of arrangers and musicians, artists, scribes, vibe-gardeners and business men who feel it takes a village to produce a record. Only our village can make our records sound like they do. With experimentation, courage, and love, we bring our craft to the studio and make a noise that is the choir of our imagination. Spacebomb makes regional music, folk music, modern music — music brought to your ears by Richmond, Virginia.

I am very excited to see them live and in action.

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