Sunday Morning Music: Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Neil Young and Crazy Horse are playing tomorrow at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, and on Tuesday in Bridgeport, CT. I am really excited to be going to both shows and the events are being made better because of Shakey, the biography of Young that I have been reading by Jimmy McDonough.

I know I wrote about this last week but it is amazing to me as I read the book thinking about what Neil Young’s records meant to me. I was a weird, lonely, fifteen year old and reading the story of weird lonely Neil Young I feel so justified in what I invested in his music.  After the Gold Rush, Déjà vu, and especially Everyone Knows This is Nowhere, just blew my mind. The last of them has always been my favorite and as a little kid I didn’t actually understand much of a distinction between the solo stuff, with CSN, or with Crazy Horse. I had After the Gold Rush and Déjà vu from my brother and sister but I actually bought Everyone Knows This is Nowhere and wore it out. The guitars, the voice, the backing vocals, even the dog on the cover, were exactly what I needed.

Listening to all the records and reading the book (which I have to say is an excellent multi-media experience.) and looking forward to the shows, I can’t believe how lucky I was to have Neil Young in my life during my teens. Who does a troubled teen turn to now? Unless it is still Neil Young.

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