Sunday Morning Music: Neil Young

More Neil Young? Really?…. I can’t help it!

My poor wife has to listen to me talk about him constantly and I can’t seem to listen to any other music. The last person this happened with was Warren Zevon and my family was forced to endure endless alternate takes of The French Inhaler for months.

Shakey, the biography of Neil Young that I am reading, seems as if it is 3000 pages long but I am not complaining. I am deep in the groove unable to listen to much else.  I’m currently in the middle to late 70’s, a period of wretched excess but also of creative accomplishment that blows my mind. To appreciate the art of Neil Young is to dive into as pure an expression of the id as I can imagine. It is at once honest, cruel, sad, terrifying and above all else exhilarating.

You tube also blows my mind for the sheer quantity of music that is out there and available. I think this will be the last week of Neil Young so I will load up.

The first video is a live version of Like a Hurricane from Rust Never Sleeps and the second is an acoustic version of Powderfinger. The third video is the audio of an entire concert from an infamous Tonight’s the Night Tour in 1973. It’s a bootleg with pretty darn good sound. The tour was heavily laden in tequila and between song patter that is fascinating.

The final video jumps ahead to 1993 when he was playing with Booker T and the MG’s at a concert for Bob Dylan. I could have gone to the Garden State Arts Center during this tour and I can’t remember why we didn’t go. This tour was just incredible and the two tunes are Dylan covers.

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