Sunday Morning Music: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

I’m putting up ta live video with two songs for this week’s Sunday Morning Music. Last week I lamented how difficult it seemed to be for musicians to sustain a decades long career. Nick Cave is one of the prime exceptions to the rule.

This video is from a 2005 concert at the Lowlands Music Festival. The first song is There She Goes, My Beautiful World from 2008’s Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus and the second is The Mercy Seat from 1988’s The Tender Prey.

Nick Cave is a novelist, screenwriter and all round hero to me. A few years ago there was a moment where I was feeling sort of done with concerts ( I am old after all) and I saw the Bad Seeds at The Theater at MSG, and had my gas tank filled with high test.

It might be sad to say but rock n roll really is the temple/church I go to. There are writers out there young and old who still speak to me and keep me going. I feel very lucky indeed.


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