Sunday Morning Music: The Rat Pack

One of the best of many things about having children is sharing the music I love with them. Of late we have been listening to Guys and Dolls and one of the versions I have is from 1976 that includes Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.

These three are so much a part of the fabric of my life for different reasons. I grew up watching the Dean Martin roasts on TV. Watching All in the Family was must see TV for my  family when I was young and I was nine years old when Sammy kissed Archie Bunker and I remember it vividly. Sinatra entered my world with his singing when I was a teenager and has never left.

The biography Dino, by Nick Tosches was a great read as was Sammy’s autobiography, Yes I can, which I read when I was much younger.

YouTube is an amazing resource when it comes to listening to old music and this video of The Rat Pack is simply amazing. The Rat Pack itself is an intresting story that begins with Humphrey Bogart. Eventually the Rat Pack morphed into live shows that sometimes included Dean Martin and Sammy Davis along with Peter Lawford, Shirley Maclain and Angie Dickenson.

The video above is only Frank, Dean, and Sammy with Johnny Carson hosting. It is long (A full show) but incredible.