Sunday Morning Music: Scott Walker

I worship many gods and it just so happens that most of them play guitar. I am a creature of obsession and as a young man I had many— Jerry, Pete, John, Keith, Bruce, Mick (Jones that is) and the list goes on… But when Scott Walker entered my world much later in life, he turned it upside down. I had thought that my days of youthful idol worship were done; jaded and in my thirties I no longer thought such passion was possible. But Scott, well Scott ripped my head open and climbed in for a couple of years and I rarely listened to anything else. He was born Scott Engel in Ohio in 1943 and came to fame in England as a member of the Walker Brothers. In 1966 they had more fans in their fan club than the Beatles.

I decided to post two videos so that I could share footage of a live performance—a cover of a Jacque Brel song—and one of his own compositions even though it is only the song over a picture of him.

Have a happy Sunday.

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