Sunday Morning Music: The Grateful Dead

Between the ages of thirteen and fifteen I didn’t listen to anything but the Grateful Dead. The love affair has never soured though I have found space for many other types of music.

This clip is a classic from the TV show Playboy After Dark in 1969. It includes a short interview with Hugh Hefner an Jerry Garcia but the highlight is the second song- an absolutely blistering version of St. Stephen.

Happy Mothers Day!

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  1. Good morning Jonathan,
    I had no idea you were a Deadhead! Thanks for sharing this.
    I am going to be in New York at the end of the month. I would love to see you and talk yoga. Remember this the yoga method from Brazil I told you about? Well the founder, Francisco Kaiut, was in Quito. I took many classes with him. He absolutely blew me away and completely threw all or most of my beliefs about alignment and what is therapeutic out the window. It was very interesting and very destabilizing. I would love to share more about it with you. Here is his English website: Check out what he does with his feet in some of the pictures.
    Also look at his version of Virasana here:

    I’ll call you when I am in New York.

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