Sunday Morning Music: The Jesus and Mary Chain

I went to see The Jesus and Mary Chain at Irving Plaza on Thursday night and just loved the show. It was the loudest concert I have seen in a long time and it made me feel old but no less happy to be there. I last saw them in 1990 on the Automatic Tour and my memory is that they played in the dark with a lot of smoke. This show wasn’t much different as they were backlit for the whole show throwing them into shadow for a good chunk of the set. This was fine by me as I just shut my eyes and soaked it in. All these years later I still love going to concerts.

This video is from their extremely noisy first album Psychocandy.  Other than Just Like Honey being a great song, I put this up because the drummer in the video is the great Bobby Gillespie who would go on to form Primal Scream one of my all-time favorite bands.

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