Sunday Morning Music: The Mekons

In 1985 I was living in Boston, crashing with a friend of my sisters, as I looked for an apartment to start my soon to be failed literary career. One of her roommates and I shared liking for Robyn Hitchcock so he let me have at his record collection.

Out came the cassettes and I taped furiously for the two weeks that I stayed there.

The two discoveries that changed my aesthetic life were this record and Shoot Out The Lights by Richard and Linda Thompson.

I saw the Mekons at the Bowery Ballroom this past week and thirty years later they remain awesome. Back in the day my favorite clubs were the old Knitting Factory on Houston St., and Maxwell’s in Hoboken.

We were lucky enough to see them a number of times at each venue.

This past week it felt as if they, and I, hadn’t aged. It is good to still feel and act like a teenager.