Sunday Morning Music: Thurston Moore

I don’t feel particularly jaded but I no longer have life changing eureka moments that occurred fairly often in my younger days. I remember art exhibits that blew the top off of my young head and changed the way I looked at the universe. The same can be said for books and records that have gone a long way in shaping my world view.

Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth was one of those records. It opened me up to a sound that was way bigger than what I was listening to at the time and propelled me into a whole new aural universe.

They lost me not too long after, as many bands do. As the years passed I was more interested in what they did before Daydream Nation than what came after. But I never stopped listening to what came next.

And now Thurston Moore’s solo disc, Demolished Thoughts has crept into my consciousness and stuck around for a while. The album keeps growing on me as I listen to it more and more.  It might not be Daydream Nation, but it is a pleasure to enjoy.

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