Sunday Morning Music on Saturday: Tom Waits

Sunday Morning Music comes on Saturday this week as we are hoping for a dawn launch on our annual trip to the hippie family camp up in New Hampshire (World Fellowship).

Tom Waits was an early hero of mine so I am putting up three videos—one from the 70’s and two from now (I couldn’t resist the Tom Waits/ Cookie Monster mash up). I lived in Boston in the 80’s and saw Tom Waits at the Orpheum, one of the few concerts that I have gone to by myself; but I wasn’t going to miss it. I ended up scalping an excellent face value ticket from someone who turned out to be the boyfriend of a co-worker who I had a terrible crush on. We had a fine old time. Sadly, I don’t remember her name though her boyfriend was named Summer at a time when people weren’t naming their children Summer.

Because I kneed it. (Simple as that.)
Still Skating After All These Years