Saturday Morning Musical: Caberet

Cabaret was a major movie in my childhood. I’m not sure why my parents took nine year old me to see it but it burned in deep and I remember being livid when I woke up the morning after the academy awards to discover that the Godfather had beaten it out for best picture. There are so many scenes that scarred/mesmerized me; Michael York getting beaten up by the Nazi’s chief among them but also, everything with Liza Minnelli. At the time I was equally obsessed with Hockey (It was a good time to be a Ranger fan) and Liza.

I saw the Sam Mendes version of Caberet onstage with Alan Cumming and Vanessa Redgrave. That show blew my mind, especially Alan Cummings whose malevolence was palpable, but I wasn’t able to find any clips to do it justice.

Up top we get a classic from the Bob Fosse film and below and old clip of Judi Dench as Sally. The video isn’t the best but the performance is great.