Take The Inner Thighs Back

take the inner thighs backAfter ten years of refining my walking patterns I have two main swing thoughts, if you will. The first is to take the inner thighs back; the second to lengthen the spine up towards the sky from the back of the neck. If I am into adding a muscular component I might think of toning the pelvic floor, oh so gently, to afford access to the spinal extension.

Everything good happens when you take the inner thighs back, especially when it come to the psoas muscle, which attaches on the back half of the femur, or thigh bone. When the inner thighs go back the psoas aligns properly and gets truly involved in the walking pattern.

Teaching people to stand I am simply trying to get people to shift the legs backwards and allow the upper body to move forwards.

When the inner thighs move backwards to initiate your walk, getting the upper body on top of, if not forward of, the legs becomes much easier. Hopefully the upper body moves to a better place naturally due to the activation of the inner thighs.

The same thing goes for the feet. Most people walk with their feet turned out too wide and wear their shoes out to the outside of the sole, and it is almost a guarantee that their feet need to land more closely towards parallel. Taking the inner thighs back to initiate your forward motion will allow the feet land in a more effective way without any conscious working of the feet.

Walking, like almost everything, is improved through refined technique. For whatever its worth most people don’t think about technique much when it comes to walking. Hopefully I am here to change that.

Simply put, there is a way to walk that is likely better than the way you are walking now.

There are a lot of reasons to change the way you walk but most of our customers are either health care practitioners, of one sort or another, or people in pain. We have had some amazing success when it comes to helping people out of pain by changing the way they walk and developing muscles to accommodate those changes.

If you suffer from almost any kind of body pain, especially mystery pain that no one seems to be able to figure out, check out the CoreWalking program. Changing your walk can truly change your life. And there is always the money back guarantee. What do you have to lose?


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