Why I Teach People To Walk

It has been well over ten years since I had a third and final knee surgery to repair cranky joints that had broken down due to misuse and overuse. I was born to do yoga with overly long muscles and too loose joints. It served me well as a practitioner and I became fairly advanced quickly.

After a while this led to some problems. Back then I did my yoga without focusing on how I aligned my body or towards building specific muscle and after a couple of years of daily practice my knees began to complain before giving out.

My healing journey was fairly arduous and it took me a long time to understand just why I, and so many others, have bodies that are all too happy to fall apart in one form or another, and then stubbornly refuse to heal.

I began to look at movement off the yoga mat. How do I stand when I am on line at the grocery store? What do my feet and knees do when I walk up and down the stairs at the train station? Why does that person in front of me walk like a duck? And the person next to them walks like half a duck, with one foot pointing forward and the other turned out?

My CoreWalking program was born out of a desire to help people who find themselves in position similar to the one that I was in. There were moments in my eighteen month odyssey of injury and rehabilitation where I thought I would never be pain free and whole again.

I recently made this video (about 7:30) telling a little bit about that story and how I ended up teaching people how to walk.


Video Walking Analysis
No Finger Walking Your Toddlers


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