Tennis Ball Under Foot

Tennis Ball Under Foot This Tennis Ball Under Foot exercise is a gift to the body that should be with you for years to come. Anytime during the day or night that you roll a tennis ball under your foot will give you a gentle muscular release of the entire body. I recommend keeping a tennis ball in a shoe box under the desk in your home or office; that will keep the ball from squirting away while you roll it under your foot.

Tennis Ball Under Foot
  • Place a tennis ball under your right foot.
  • Spend a couple of minutes rolling the ball under the foot. You can be gentle, or you can apply more pressure. The choice is yours.

Step off of the tennis ball and bend forward over your legs. Check in with your body and see if you feel that the right leg seems a bit longer and looser. Scan the whole body in this fashion. There is a thick pad of connective tissue on the sole of the foot called the plantar fascia. By releasing the fascia on the underside of the right foot, you effectively release the entire right side of the body.

Don’t forget to do the left foot as well.

A Wrinkle at the Back of the Neck in Forward Bends
Down in Front