The First Anniversary of the Blog

good postureI am happy to report that May marks the first anniversary of this blog. It has been a fast year spurred on by the discipline of trying to write something every day. Before I started this project I was filled with trepidation— what do I have to say? Who will care? What will I write about?

A year later i cant say how much fun it has been. Who would have thought that my innocent obsession with the psoas muscle would translate into interesting content and an interested readership?

Here is a link to the first post on the Structure of the Foot.

One wonderful benefit of the blog has been the privilege of seeing and sharing the drawings that Sharon Frost posts every week. I love her work and can look at pictures of bones endlessly. I am also happy to report that the best person I know – my wife—will join the blog as a guest poster. My wife teaches childbirth education and women’s support and I am excited about her contributions.

And finally, I want to show my appreciation to the readers of the blog by giving away a bunch of stuff. Sometime next week we will announce the different ways you can obtain our DVD’s or one of our books.

It has been awonderful year! Thanks again for checking in.

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