The New Psoas Release Party!

psoas release party!I’ve been offering Psoas Release Party! workshops for the last ten years and I am still blown away by what release work can offer to people. After every event I receive email after email reporting on all sorts of reactions that people have to the workshop.

During the workshop I always advertise that each and every participant will likely get a very deep nights’ sleep, and while that isn’t always the case, for the most part it still holds true. Doing over an hour of relatively passive postures specifically designed for the majestic psoas muscle foster a relaxation in the body and mind that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

In addition to teaching people how to move and helping people out of pain I am dedicated to teaching people about the body and how it works. I honestly believe that the more you know about your body’s anatomy the more likely it is that it works for you.

As a lifelong learner it only makes sense that we should all have a basic understanding of the human anatomy but for whatever reason it is not really something on most people’s radar. We take for granted the miracle of a body that we inhabit and I would love to change that.

I first published the Psoas Release Party! book almost ten years ago and we filmed one of my workshops last year. Both the book and the video are split between anatomy lessons and exercises and I couldn’t be happier that these valuable resources are out there for anyone who wants to learn about the body’s most important muscle (in my humble opinion).

And now the Psoas Release Party! book just got better. We are getting set to release and updated and expanded version of the book that goes deeper into this amazing muscle. There are over one hundred new pages including new information as well as blog posts and articles.

Next week we will be releasing the new book with a special offer that includes the book and workshop videos for one special low price. If you are interested in learning more about this offer click the button below and we will send you the info along with some free videos that will offer a good deal of insight into why I think the psoas is so important to your body today and to the pursuit of aging gracefully, which is honestly my main goal in life.


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