The Second Anniversary of the Blog

CoreWalkingThis is the second time that I tried to write a blog. The first attempt produced three posts over four weeks and I was lost as to what more to write. It was not a fun feeling, and I only like doing things that I enjoy. Things did not start out much better the second time around but after two months of  struggling with this iteration, I committed to posting daily (Mon-Fri) and before long I hit a groove that I am amazed to be riding still, two years later.

The blog feeds me on so many levels. For one, I love doing it. I am incredibly gratified by the response I have received and the number of people who report being helped out of pain by simply reading what I write. It is hard to express how good that makes me feel. I also learn so much in the process of writing my posts. Each one is a journey in and around something that I know but I am always looking to get some little insight of my own in the production of a post. The fact that I write from home (and in Starbucks, and on the train, and at my kid’s karate…) and my children witness the process and most importantly see the consistency and satisfaction that I get from my work is critical to me.

The first year of the blog did not have much about me personally and now I can’t seem to shut the narcissistic edge of my brain off. I have to focus to keep the post predominantly about anatomy, walking and pain relief though I have found sharing some of my self to be liberating as well. On certain levels I remain painfully humble because what I do is such an intuitive mystery—but on other levels—I am terribly pleased with myself and often amazed at how showing someone a new way to walk can be so effective.

I am also very excited about the CoreWalking Program that we sell, which includes three books to go along with five walking lessons, fifty additional anatomy and exercise videos, and video analysis takes the blog to another level. This collection of simple instructional videos is excellent for anyone who wants to change the way they move whether that is due to pain or to increase performance or just find more grace in action. But it is also an excellent tool for yoga teachers, physical therapists and body workers of all types.

The main intent of my work is to facilitate change in individuals who are ready for the adventure and to that end I am committed to helping people— through the blog, the walking program, video analysis and ongoing email support. If your goal is to relieve chronic aches and pains, take seconds off of your mile or shots off of your golf score we are dedicated to see you achieve your goals.

Finally, thanks so much for reading and returning. I write the blog for the readers so please keep your emails and questions coming and always remember that I take requests. As much fun as it is I still need to generate five posts a week—feel free to help me out with ideas. It is my life’s work and dream to help as move better get out of pain, and/or include athletic performance be it yoga running or weight lifting. It isn’t all that difficult if you are willing to read about how your body works and then change some long held movement patterns.

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