…Then I Fell Down a Flight of Stairs

Reggie and Ida

This is a follow up post to my comments on the Times article on yoga being bad for you.

The story begins at Christmas when my three year old son Reggie received a suit for a gift. He hasn’t taken it off since, literally. Last night as he went to bed I had to pry it off of him promising that we would wash it so that he could wear it again in the morning.

Fast forward four hours to 10:55. I looked up at the clock and realized that the laundry room was about to close.  I made a mad dash for the door in my socks neglecting to put shoes on. We live on the second floor so it is one quick flight down to the lobby and the laundry room.

With a bit too much speed I reached the staircase and with a distinct lack of grace my slippery socked foot went out from under me and I tumbled down the stairs mainly on my butt. The first big impact was my left heel hitting a step, then my right butt cheek followed by my right shoulder. I know this from the soreness more than a memory of the fall. Also, it was very loud.

I hit the bottom step and jumped up, as is my way, before the doorman reached me. With a strangely wicked smile he asked, “Fell down the stairs?”  I sheepishly nodded, “But I’m fine.”

I made it to the laundry room and got the suit so the objective of the mission was achieved. Then I limped back to my apartment a little embarrassed to pass by the doorman. I walked into the apartment and announced to my wife, “I fell down the stairs.”

“I heard. It was really loud but by the time I got there you were already gone.”

“I think I broke my heel?”




And that was that. When I woke up this morning I was sore in a few spots (I’ll admit to taking some advil before bed) but felt remarkably sound.

And that is why I do yoga. Yoga gives me the strength and resilience to heal.

When I work with clients with a history of pain and injury I am always telling them that if they build a strong and solid body they will heal quicker from future episodes that might occur. Solidity and strength are the hallmarks of ageing gracefully which is my main goal in life.

To think that I shouldn’t do something because I might get hurt might serve some but I don’t think it is wise. If that were the case I’d have to stop walking down stairs.

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