The Third Anniversary of the CoreWalking Blog

three years of analytics for the corewalking blog

It is almost the end of May and I didn’t want the month to end without acknowledging the third anniversary of the CoreWalking blog. This has been an incredible journey for me. For the last three years I have committed, to the occasional dismay of my wife, to write five new blog posts a week that fall somewhere between 300 and 500 words.

I have learned so much from the practice of writing every day. There is the subject matter, much of which I know nothing about before I set out to write. There is the discipline, something that I had in very short supply until I got married and faced the prospect of a wife and children and all of the attendant responsibilities. Newborn babies can be a cold hard slap in the face of a lazy self- indulgent life.

Finally, there is the joy of writing for people who share a similar curiosity as mine.  I learn so much from the readers of the site as their corrections and insights always help me unpeel another layer of understanding in a knowledge quest that never ends.

As the screen shot from three years of analytics at the top of the post shows, I basically wrote for no one for the first twelve months. Which is all well and good, as I can easily cringe when I look back on some of the older posts. I have always wanted to be a writer and while the blog fulfills a deep need about writing, it is also humbling when it comes to how difficult it is to write well.

Then something happened. I wrote a post called Ten Reasons Why Yoga Might be Bad For You over labor day weekend last summer. You can see the day I wrote it as the big spike three quarters of the way down the line in the analytics graph. That was the spark that led to the traffic we are seeing today which is extremely fulfilling and really a lot of fun.

There are readers, and I have correspondences with folks from all over the world, as people find the blog in some of the farthest reaches of the globe. That blows my mind in a very real sense.

I have lived a charmed life doing whatever I pleased at every turn and somehow I am 51 and simply loving life for all it has to offer me.  I am so lucky to love what I do because it is almost always fresh and new. No two people present the same body story which leaves me always on my toes trying to figure out ways to help different individuals.

And much of the joy I am experiencing these days is from the blog and you the readers who keep me writing every day.

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