Tibial dynamic.

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In a little while I’ll be leaving for the airport, about to begin the almost 24 hour trip to Buenos Aires we’ve been making every summer.  As much as I like Buenos Aires, I dread the claustrophobic ordeal of getting there: the cramped seats in coach most of all.  Being scrunched into such a compressed seated posture for so many hours makes me lose touch with my skeleton, my mind as well.

In particular, I begin to doubt the continued existence of my legs, below the knee.  Occasionally I feel for my tibia, just to make sure it’s still there.  And I wriggle my toes for all they’re worth.  (I hear stories of people massaging their soles on balls, but they must be traveling business class — there is simply not enough room for that in the seating I encounter.)

Airplanes seem to get smaller every year, the aisles narrower.  You can’t wander up and down the aisles much anymore, there’s barely room to travel sideways.

I used to wonder at how so many people seem to be able to sleep their way through the experience — then I was told: sleeping pills.  Aha!

Anyway, of all the experiences one pays big money for flying is surely one of the most unpleasant, excluding of course such events as major surgery.



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