Tom Myers Video: Are You Aging or Just Drying Out?

Tom Myers is one of my anatomy heroes. Even though I am neither a rolfer or massage therapist, his book Anatomy Trains was a major influence as I learned my way around the body and developed my walking program. In this video he talks clearly and concisely about ageing and hydration two subjects that interest me greatly.

I remember reading a book called The Hidden Messages In Water By Masaru Emoto many years ago, where I was introduced to the concept that we are drying out from the minute we are born. Myers relates this idea to the fascial system which is fascinating and also answers the question of why I needed to start wearing reading glasses when I turned forty.

Another great point he makes is that movement is as essential to hydration as water, a simple concept that resonates deeply for me as I watched both of my parents decline steeply as they moved less. A sedentary lifestyle must be avoided as all costs until the day we die.

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