Treatment for Snapping Hip Syndrome

In the world of CoreWalking treatment for snapping hip syndrome is purely a movement issue. If you walk correctly your hip will stop snapping. Snapping hip syndrome strikes me as nothing more than a misaligned body moving in all the wrong ways.

treatment for snapping hip syndromeOn the inside and the outside of the leg, or femur bone, we find two small bony knobs that muscles attach onto. The lesser trochanter is on the inside of the leg and is the attachment point for the iliopsoas muscle—the psoas major and iliacus that meet to form a common tendon.

The greater trochanter is home to a number of muscles including gluteus medius and minimus, the piriformis, the obturator muscles and the gemelli muscles. I’ll save for another post what I have always felt is the significance of one muscle attaching on the lesser trochanter and a whole hosting connecting to the greater trochanter.

Snapping hip syndrome is basically the IT band or gluteus maximus tendon snapping over and around the greater trochanter, or the iliopsoas snapping around the lesser trochanter.

treatment for snapping hip syndrome

In general there isn’t much by way of treatment for snapping hip syndrome. It often occurs without accompanying pain so people are usually told to not worry about it too much. Those who do suffer pain from a snapping hip aren’t really presented much by way of help either.

Needless to say, the rest ice and ibuprofen as a means of treatment for this condition, though most often offered, doesn’t appeal to me much. Treatment in physical therapy usually includes stretches in hopes of creating longer muscles that will stop snapping around the trochanters. Sometimes cortisone injections are given and occasionally a surgical option is explored.

One thing you don’t see very much is the suggestion that if you walk differently your hip will stop snapping. But I have worked with more than a few sufferers of snapping hip syndrome and I am here to tell you that walking correctly is the easiest and best treatment available.

Why Walking Is The Best Treatment For Snapping Hip Syndrome

To repeat myself for the 900th time (To my amazement I have written over 900 posts) I think everybody leans backwards and walks with a tucked pelvis. This is a very simple formula for snapping hip syndrome.

I teach people to walk by taking the thighs back under the hips and leading from the core instead of the legs. When the legs lead the way the possibilities for snapping the hip increase exponentially as the iliopsoas is pulled forward and the IT Band is pulled backwards in exactly the way they shouldn’t be moving.

When we move successfully from the core and the psoas, the ball, or head, of the femur bone is properly twisted into the hip sockets and there is no reason why any snapping will occur.

I know it is redundant but walking correctly is the answer for so much of what ails us.


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