Trouble Walking: Initiate with the Opposite Leg

Trouble walking? Initiate with the opposite legMost people begin walking with their right foot first though some do begin with the left. When pain develops due and we have trouble walking it is most often a mechanical issue that leads to the pain. If my right hip is tight for whatever reason and I go to walk with that leg the tight hip with restrict movement forcing the rotation that might come from the hip to happen in either the knee to lower back.

All joints move in an unending chain that runs up and down the body. Any chink in the line will affect every other moving part but the parts will keep working.  If my car breaks down it can’t really compensate in this fashion. If one tire goes flat another one can’t provide relief or support. If one of my calf muscles stops working another of the muscles in that area will take up the slack and provide function.

Trouble walking often indicates that some change to pattern is needed. An easy trick to play on your brain and body is to initiate your walking by taking your first step with the opposite leg that you usually use. It doesn’t mean that your pain will go away but it might decrease and you might learn some valuable information about how your body works.

Even if you are not having trouble walking you might want to give this a try. Change is good.


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