Upcoming Workshops: Virayoga

Next week at Virayoga in NYC I will be offering a Piriformis/Sciatica Release Party!

Piriformis/Sciatica Release Party!

Similar to my psoas workshops, this class will be a lecture followed by a long period of release work.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body providing vital energy to the legs and the piriformis is one of only two muscles connecting the legs to the spine—they meet deep in the butt and their relationship can have a profound influence on our well being.

If you get to know how your body works and why it does the things it is designed to do, it is a lot easier to begin the process of healing from chronic pain and injury and even emotional trauma.

I am also really happy to announce some three hour asana classes, also at Virayoga. I used to teach these at my studio in Brooklyn and I thrilled that Virayoga will host their renaissance. They are a fun way to go to deep into the practice and learn a bunch at the same time.

Three Hour Asana Classes

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