Valparaiso, Chile. Start with the feet.

Bones first: both feet on the ground. 18 de julio, 2014.

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In Chile: Valparaiso, the trip we thought we might not get to take because of the stupid heart anomoly that showed up this winter.  But determination has won out and we are here — way up here: on one of the hills (Cerro Bellavista) looking down (way down) at the harbor.


The hills are beautiful and crazy in their cohesive chaos.  The ascents and descents are almost straight up and down.  So you start with your feet — really, with the bone. Lose track and there’s definitely a sense you might find yourself tumbling down to the harbor.  And balance has never been one of my strengths.  I can waver on the straightaways.  I have a clear sense that if I lose touch with my feet right now it’ll be all over.


Concentration is not a bad thing.  And it’s  not a bad thing to feel yourself frequently reconfiguring your skeleton as gravity loses connection with visual reference points.


I always have a hard time doing handstands outside.  Something moving outdoors makes me feel groundless when I try to go upside down.  However, in all this perspective-lines-gone-crazy I went out on the deck, overlooking the harbor, and kicked up.  It took a few days but I made it.  Wowie zowie!  King of the mountain.  It’s all in the feet (and the core — they are absolutely linked): whether the feet are supporting you or are pathfinders.


Do you know where your feet are?  It’s better if you do.  So many bones, so many possibilities.  But though only one way is up, there are many ways to get there,  Whether your center is your brain or your skeleton, or some combination or manifestation of both — keep track of it.  Don’t go all amoeba in that dark world out there.  Just kick up, with purpose and committment.