Video Analysis (3 Pack)


Get feedback on your improved walking at a steep discount, three video Analyses for less then the price of two.

Video analysis is a key component of the CoreWalking Program. When you send us videos of yourself walking we will return them to you with commentary on the nature of your walking patterns. Customers who buy the complete CoreWalking Program get three video analyses included in the package. This essential tool will assist your transition to a new you and is also available on its own, as well as part of the full program.

It can be difficult to have an objective viewpoint of walking patterns that you have employed your entire life. Allowing the CoreWalking team to help you to understand how you walk now and provide detailed notes on how to make easy and concrete changes to the way you walk can have positive long range consequences.

You can find your way to a new you that moves free of pain, has more energy and an enhanced quality of life. Not to mention take strokes off of your golf game or improve upon any athletic endeavor you undertake.

$149.95 USD

Giving Back

For every program we sell, we will provide another program to people or organizations in need.

Discounts and Promotions

Product discounts are available for the following persons:

– Active and retired soldiers.

– Healthcare professionals, including yoga teachers, pilates instructors, Chiropractors, and rolfers.

– Those in chronic pain who lack the financial means to purchase our products.

If you qualify for a discount, please contact us at info@corewalking.com.