Video Walking Analysis

Video Walking Analysis is what makes CoreWalking personal and sets us apart from other online movement programs so I thought I would share my take on someone’s walk with you.

I was walking my dog the other morning and couldn’t help myself. I filmed a total stranger walking in front of me. Welcome to my world because even if I am not shooting video of everyone I see, I am certainly all too aware of the movement patterns of the average pedestrian.

As with so many things, this is a blessing and a curse. If I am on line in a store I am analyzing the posture of the people waiting in front of me. In a park I can’t help but see movement patterns both good and bad.

The walking pattern employed by the person in the video is fairly extreme. If you watch it you will notice that the two sides of his body are moving through two different planes of space.

Both of our shoulders and meant to move oh so slightly forward with each step in opposition to the other hip. Pretty cool stuff. What you in the video in one shoulder that moves in the forward plane and the other (the right) that lives basically behind the trunk.

Walking correctly is an incredible means to rebuild injured bodies and prepare healthy bodies for aging gracefully.

Our Complete CoreWalking Program includes three Video Walking Analyses, which can serve as a great “before and after” shot of your walk as it is changed by CoreWalking.┬áThis is a unique opportunity to have your own walk analyzed so you can change yourself for the better.


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