Walkabout: Pedometer Update

pedometer updateI love my new pedometer. It tells me how much I am walking and gives me incentive to meet daily goals.The average recommended steps that a person should take a day are 10,000. I don’t know where that number comes from but it is a fairly standard quantity.

Pedometer Update

Last week I decided that I would attempt to complete a full week of days where I took 15,000 steps each day. According to my new pedometer I basically succeeded. I had only one day below 10,000—a very sad Wednesday—but the others were all between 14,500 and 16,000.

It wasn’t difficult to accomplish physically but the actual walking is problematic. Adding 5,000 steps per day is basically walking for an extra forty-five minutes. One of the things I am doing to find more steps is using my own recommendation to clients and getting off the subway early to walk more, or forgoing the subway all together.

Along with my new pedometer, the main thing I have going for me in this quest is having my dog. I took a fifty minute walk with him last night to get up to speed for the day. We live in a beautiful neighborhood filled with stunning Victorian homes and walking around amidst them is a pleasure.

This week is going to be another week of 15,000 step days. I have the plan mapped out for how I will accomplish that today and will figure it out day by day. The best part of the experiment is that it feels great to be walking so much.


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