Walking Correctly is the Ultimate Life Hack

Walking correctly is ostensibly about moving forward through space. There is more than one option for how you accomplish this. Ideally you lean forward oh so slightly to get caught up in your own momentum carrying you along.

walking correctly   leaning backwards is not walking correctly

Or you can lean backwards just as little and have to drag yourself through space as the feet move forward before the head. You can also walk a crooked rather than straight line but that is the subject of another post.

The back of your body is made up of extensor muscles that lengthen while the front of the body is more about flexor muscles that shorten. Flexors extend and extensors flex but they seek a balance that adds up to good posture.

The way we tend to move and stand reverses the true nature of the these muscles. We are constantly shortening the muscles that want to lengthen and vice versa.

I think everyone leans backwards slightly when standing and walking around, a conditioned habit brought about for many different reasons. Walking around in this backwards pattern is much more physically demanding than falling slightly forward and catching yourself with each step just before you fall.

Walking is propulsive if we lean imperceptibly forward to go forward. Gravity is not the strongest force on earth but it certainly has its benefits.

Sad as it is I love the assorted scrolls of life hack photos— 10 uses for your toilet paper roll— that are ubiquitous on the internet. I will also admit to clicking on almost any collections of funny animal photos and videos.

nutella ice cream     funny-cats-dogs-stuck-furniture-9

Walking forward using gravity as your ally is the ultimate life hack. It is simple and obvious and you wouldn’t necessarily think about it. But changing the way you walk can change your life in the same way as finishing that jar of Nutella with a scoop of ice cream.


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