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If you would like more information about the upcoming training, click here to join me for a live webinar @ 1pm on Wednesday August 16th. I’ll be teaching about Tadasana and taking questions about the teacher training.

For three months this spring I offered a yoga teacher training that actually encompassed way more than yoga under its big umbrella. In the course of the twelve-week program we delved deep into yoga, anatomy, posture, pain relief and walking.

My last teacher training before this spring was in 2006 so after a break of more than ten years, I will admit to having doubts about getting back into the ring. It was actually after reaching out to teacher trainees from the early aught’s—and getting testimonials that surprised even me— that I decided to give it another go.

One interesting aspect of the spring training was that it was online and students could attend in person with me but also from a remote location with two thirds of the participants attending from cities all around the world.

And the training was recorded so that attendance wasn’t mandatory and you could learn at your own pace.

I have to say the training turned out even better than I thought. Here is a testimonial from one of this spring’s students:

“I think this training is essential for any yoga teacher. We should all be able to spot the things that will help our students most of all when they walk into the room and how each and every person does a yoga pose. There are golden moments in this training that have helped my practice and made my teaching quality so much better. And I have been teaching for 10 years and have other top quality training. It’s brilliant. Thank you!” -Tish Dodson, London​

A truly amazing aspect of this training was the different levels of the students that participated. We had established movement teachers, an Ayurvedic practitioner, an occupational therapist as well as a number of aspiring teachers who grew in leaps and bounds.

Check out what Steph, another student of the spring training, had to say:​

“As an occupational therapist and someone who has experienced injury and chronic pain, my primary focus both personally and professionally is working to improve function. This is why I was drawn to Jonathan’s approach of addressing physical issues by working with the core activities of walking, standing, sitting, and sleeping. By using these daily activities to explore body alignment and movement, as well as yoga poses to address specific areas that require attention, Jonathan’s Teacher Training program offers a unique and practical perspective for promoting better health and wellbeing. Taking the Teacher Training has helped me to identify longstanding patterns within myself that aren’t serving me and how to begin the process of unraveling them. I am certain that this will not only help me to age more gracefully, but will also allow me to help my students and patients to do the same.” -Steph Carlson, OTR/L, Scarborough, Maine​

I have to admit it makes me feel good to receive these testimonials and know that I have accomplished what I set out to do— giving new and experienced teachers tools that take them deeper into their work and themselves. This is truly my mission as a teacher trainer–to facilitate the learning and transformation that comes from exploring and peeling back the layers of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Here’s another one from Joanie Barrett from Florida:

“I am an experienced Yoga instructor, I have been teaching yoga since 2005. I found and started following Jonathan FitzGordon on FaceBook and was immediately intrigued by his philosophy and ideas. I own a personal training studio and most of my clients hire me to improve movement. I have purchased and utilized all of Jonathan’s books and DVDs. When I saw the 100 hour yoga teacher course I knew I had to participate. I have two 200 RYT certifications, and even with the course work I have taken, and being an experienced teacher, I still learned an enormous amount of new information. I would recommend Jonathan FitzGordon’s trainings, books, videos, and Facebook page to anyone who wants to be a better mover and for movement professionals.” – Joanie Barrett, Jacksonville, Florida​

If you are someone who:

  • is looking for a deeper understanding and awareness of your body and how it works,
  • is seeking strategies to age gracefully and to move with freedom and joy,
  • works with clients who need help with the above,
  • appreciates community and shared learning experiences with unique perspectives,
  • is open to being challenged in your beliefs about anatomy and alignment,
  • loves yoga and wants to take it to another level.

then this training is for you.

We start on September 27th and run 12 weeks ending before Christmas. You can see the schedule and get more information on the training at the link below.

Also, we’ll be holding a series of live webinars to answer any questions about the training too. Keep an eye out for the schedule coming soon (the first webinar will be August 16th…

Here is a video from Sabrina Eveland talking about her experience with the program:


I’m super excited to do another training. I can’t wait to connect with another bunch of eager students who are ready for this journey.

Click here to learn more about the Teacher Training, or click here to ​apply today.

If you want to register for an informational live webinar (Wednesday August 16th @ 1pm) where I will offer a teaching on Tadasana and posture and answer any questions you might have about the training: Sign Up For The Webinar Here

We also have a special early bird price that is good until September 1st!

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