Weekend Mashup: April 5th

Here is the Weekend Mashup for April 5th: Articles from the past week that didn’t warrant a post of their own.

First up: A very cool video of an x-ray’d body in motion.


weekend mashup

11 unconventional sleep tips: How to get to sleep and stay asleep.



Some more on sleep, one of my favorite subjects and activities. Napping can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, and More



New findings show that much of the mineral from which bone is made consists of ‘goo’ trapped between tiny crystals, lubricating and allowing movement. It is this flexibility that stops bones from shattering. Who doesn’t love shock absorbing goo?


weekend mashup

An inspiring home building journey. A dream home grows in Thailand.



And finally, How Can I Be Happy? A primer on humanism.


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