Weekend Mashup: December 14th

Here is a collection of interesting articles from the week that didn’t warrant a post of their own, including a couple of pieces on sleep.

The Weekend Mashup

First up, contrary to what most people thing Tiredness Decreases with Age. Not a ton of info but interesting nonetheless.


weekend mashup

How much Sleep do We Need. Not the most scientific chart but an interesting take on the hours needed for different age ranges. I can’t sleep more than six and a half hours under the very best circumstances so I fail according to the standards at this link. But I definitely don’t feel sleep deprived. My kids are consistentently getting somewhere between 10 & 12 hours a night which makes me very happy.

weekend mashup

Some interesting ideas about sleep deprivation. Six Ways A poor Nights Sleep Messes With You


Interesting ideas about pessimism. Pessimism About the Future May Lead to Longer, Healthier Life. I have always considered myself a cynical optimist. Everyone acts from a selfish place but that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.


Finally, Gut Bacteria and its influence on digestion and immunity among other things is all the rage in alternative medical communities. This article is about its amazingly adaptive nature.

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