Weekend Mashup: December 27th

Here are a bunch of links to cool articles that didn’t deserve a post of their own.

I am all on about feet.Good happy feet can make a huge difference in the aging process. Can you do this? I am working on it and get the first three toes so far.


bicycle liftMeet Trampe, the world’s first bicycle lift intended for urban areas.┬áSimple, effective and functional.


weekend mashup

How about a chair that makes you work to sit? This is my kind of design.


weekend mashup

I thought this was interesting. Where does our fat go?


And finally, there isn’t meant to be a theme to these posts yet their always seems to end up with some connection between some of the links. How about some space-saving furniture design?


Sunday Morning Music: The Frowning Clouds
Christmas Morning Music: Father Christmas