Weekend Mashup: December 28th

The Weekend Mashup

Here is a collection of interesting articles from the week that didn’t warrant a post of their own.


weekend mashup   weekend mashup

 First up, something that has nothing to do with the body or health but it very cool nonetheless…Artchitect Rocardo Bofill bought an abandoned cement factory and restored it beautifully.

weekend mashup

9 Lies about Fat That Destroyed the World’s Health. The title says it all.I love butter and aggs I love being healthy. Luckily no doctor has ever told me I had high cholesterol so I have never had to think about removing these things from my diet.

weekend mashup

Geneticist Dr. David Suzuki talking about genetic engineering and genetically modified foods. Humans Are Part of a Massive Experiment

Why Does the Fetal Position Ease Stomach Pain. Interesting and simple little idea.




And finally, something more complex about the Anatomy of Movement

Sunday Morning Music: The Rat Pack
Inline Skating and Growing Up In Prospect Park