Weekend Mashup: January 31st

Here is the weekend mashup for the week of January 31st. You’ll find links to articles from the past week that caught my eye.

weekend mashup

I grew up in a house obsessed with food. I’m sure this theory of 12 hours of eating time would have been the diet of choice for a while if this information was available then. My biggest food issue is probably snacking at night which doesn’t work on this plan.



I have been obsessed with the image of this baby box since my wife sent me this article. The priorities of a people determine the nature of a people.



I am really into this idea about the lasting nature of relationships. Are you masters or disasters? I read another article of the same nature that reffered to a bidding process. Thankfully I think my wife and I are Masters as I am genuinely curious about what she is on about and interested to know. And she humors me…



I am fightin a losing battle with my kids and electronics. It is amazing how sometimes I think we make the right choice and then sometimes a spectacularly wrong one pops up. Gettimg my nine year old duaghter an ipad feels to be one of the wrong ones.



I have been trying to drink a lot of water lately. It can be a chore.


Let’s finish with a video of some hockey players. I know that tonight is the Super Bowl but I am a huge hockey fan and what these guys do on skates blows my mind.


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