Weekend Mashup: January 4th

Here is the Weekend Mashup to start the new year; a collection of interesting articles from the week that didn’t warrant a post of their own.


Let’s start with what Issac Asimov predicted the world will look like in 2014 in 1964. He pretty much nailed it.

But what will the world look like in 2064. Here is futurist Ian Pearson to fill us in on that.

weekend mashup

Is that why my dogs have always done their odd dance? Dogs Poop in Alignment with Earth’s Magnetic Field

weekend mashup

Some beautiful bubbles. Mother and Son Freeze Beautiful Soap Bubbles

weekend mashup

Love Makes Us Warm All Over. Mapping Emotions on the body.

weekend mashup

Finally, my wife who juices kale daily, told me today that it might be messing with her thyroid. I knew that’s why I prefer my fruit smoothies.

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