Weekend Mashup: July 4th

It has been a while since I’ve done one of these weekend mashups so let’s start on a frivolous note:


You Have To See What This Extra Shoelace Hole Is For

I have always wondered what the extra hole at the top of sneaker holes was for. Now that I know my mind is blown. This trick is less necessary on some pairs of sneakers than others but the ones that it serves has changed my shoe wearing life.


I am getting ready to do a three or four day fast. It has been a while but I used to love fasting. I wonder though, if drinking coffee is acceptable on a juice fast.


Speaking of coffee, whenever I am silly enough to take a break from coffee, I drink this stuff. And I have to say it is really good. It isn’t coffee but bourbon isn’t scotch and I like both.



What in the world is up with circumcision? Other than it being an act of barbarism. I didn’t get my son clipped and frankly I’d like my foreskin back.



And since we are on the subject of barbarism: I know the winter is over but I thought I would share this bit of lunacy. I just don’t understand why anyone would take a flu shot. Now, maybe my thinking will change when I am older but I highly doubt it. Last years flu shot had a 19% success rate and it is likely that the government paid out many millions of dollars to people for flu shot related injuries (the most common being Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome). Do what you will, but be informed.



And let’s finish on a more natural note. I have been drinking the juice of a lemon in a glass or room temperature water to start my day for a long time now. Among my many problems (more mental than physical), I have Hepatitis C and I think the lemon water keeps my liver happy.

Have a great 4th of July!

Sunday Morning Music: Billy Bragg
Stasis Equals Death